Denturist Association of Manitoba

Executive (2016/2017)

The Executive consists of the Officers of the Association which include the President, Vice-President, Registrar and Treasurer as well as the Chairs of Standing and Appointed Committees. The volunteer positions are two-year elected terms with the exception of the Admissions Chair that being a three year appointed position.

Jamshid Zehtab-Jadid
Precision Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 728-4777

Greg Pinette
Minuk Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 589-6329

Jamshid Zehtab-Jadid
Precision Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 728-4777

Odin Pajonk
Expert Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 334-0022

Brock Vandor
Vandor Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 482-6698

Timo Gerzen
Grand Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 326-7672
 Manny Minuk
Vice President
Minuk Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 589-6329

Andrew Fast
Andrew E. Fast Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 947-1807

Morgan Ganetsky
Minuk Denture Clinic
Tel: 204-589-6329

Mark Serebnitski
Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 505-0575

Paul Hrynchuk
National Delegate
Robert Kelly Denture Clinic
Tel: (204) 669-0888


Jennifer Peters
Executive Director


Admissions Committee
Chair, Jamshid Zehtab-Jadid, 2-year elected position.

Under guidelines of the Denturist Act and Regulations, the admissions committee ensures the highest professional standards are upheld through acceptance of candidates for licensing, internship program and examination procedures.

Complaints Committee
Chair, Morgan Ganetsky 2 year elected position.

Under guidelines of Denturist Act and Regulations, the complaints committee mediates and makes recommendations for resolution of written complaints.

Contracts Committee
Chair, Odin Pajonk 2-year elected position.

The contracts committee develops suggested minimum fee schedule to ensure adequate compensation for delivery of denturist services.

Education Committee
Chair, Mark Serebnitski - 2-year elected position.

The role of the education committee is to advance the profession of denturism and ensure high standards of denturist service delivery through continuing education and professional development.

Inspections Committee
Chair (position vacant), 2-year elected position.

The inspections committee protects denturist and patient through regulated standards of cleanliness and safety.

Marketing Committee
Chair, Brock Vandor, 2-year elected position.

The advertising committee enhances the image of denturists and creates a better public understanding of denturism.

Inspections Committee
Chair, Timo Gerzen, 2-year elected position.

Contact the Association
If you have any questions about the Association, please contact our membership office directly. 

Jennifer Peters

Executive Director
P.O. Box 69012
RPO Tuxedo Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 2G9
Tel: (204) 897-1087


The Denturist Association of Manitoba is a member of the Denturist Association of Canada, and the International Federation of Denturists. Our mission is to move the profession of Denturism forward through education, member support and by promoting the profession to the public.

Denturist Association of Manitoba
P.O. Box 69012
RPO Tuxedo Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 2G9
Phone: (204) 897-1087
Fax: (204) 488-2872